Wildly-inaccurate counts of events

I don’t know if it’s related to the recent firmware updates or the latest iOS app, but I’m getting ridiculously wrong counts of unviewed events from the app. Once I noted the behavior, I restarted my HB and formatted the SD card, but to no effect.

Since I formatted, for example, I had a notification pop up. I dismissed it and unlocked my phone to see I had 6 events to view. When I opened the app, there were only two. Later, I got another notification. This time, though, the unviewed count showed 10 on the app, while opening the app showed just the one new video for a total of 3 recordings.

None of my other settings have changed.

Been having the same problem for a few days as well. Figured it’s just a bug which will be fixed soon.

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@Crownfox whne you say the latest iOS update, is it general release or Beta / Dev version. I have both the iOS 12.1.4 as well as the developer version for 12.2 Beta 6, both seem to work fine with notification.

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The release of the eufy app for iOS (1.1.8_211), not iOS itself.


gotcha! you may want to edit the main post and include it as Eufy App for iOS :slight_smile:

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Well, I did say “the latest iOS app” in the original post… :stuck_out_tongue: