Wifi timed out

My capsule max worked perfect until 4 days ago. Doesn’t connect to the wifi and every time I try it to connected says “wifi timed out” I tried connecting it to the hotspod of my cell phone and it worked perfectly. I do not understand what could have happened that now does not want to connect to wifi. suggestions?

try restarting your router and see if that helps

Hi, I tried several times :frowning:

Try a factory reset on the capsule max

The fact it connected to phone hotspot suggests it’s not a fault in the Capsule, but something has changed in your router.

Either it is a forced external change like a software update, or locally your router is changing new source of congestion on WiFi and has changed its channels.

So point forensic analysis at your router. Look at the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. Ensure there is still a WPA and WPA2 encryption and that WPA is TKIP, WPA2 is AES.

An example is when you initially connected to router it was on WPA then your router disabled WPA. WPA is being removed particularly WPA-PSK so router upgrades may have removed how your Capsule initially once connected. Ideally you want a router saying WPA/WPA2 and change your Capsule to connect again, such as a factory reset and then connect.

Example of your identical problem and a fix, which makes me suspect the Capsule does not do WPA2.

Check your router settings

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