WiFi Performance of Roav C1 Pro Still Slow

I’ve had my Roav C1 Pro since January, 30, 2018. The WiFi performance has been horrible since the beginning despite the two firmware updates that have been released since then. I am using it with my Google Pixel XL 2016 running Android 8.1.0 (Patch Level April 5, 2018). My Roav C1 Pro is currently running firmware ver 2.2 with no available updates at this time.

While the phone connects to the Roav Wifi Access Point, the process of connecting to the camera within the app often takes 2-10 attempts. Once connected, video is slow and buffers frequently, making it painful to watch the video. Downloading the videos to the app takes 5-10 minutes at least, if it doesn’t stall out completely.

I was patient in hoping that a firmware update would be released that would bring performance to an acceptable level, but I remain disappointed in this purchase, and unfortunately, the Amazon Return window has now closed. I have been a very satisfied Anker customer over the years for USB car chargers, home chargers, keyboards, and speakers, USB hubs, and other products as well. However, this purchase has not been satisfying.

Have others continued to have WiFi performance problems with this device? Does it work better with other phones but not the Pixel XL 2016?

Anker - will you stand behind your product and arrange for me to get a full refund?


I recommend emailing support@anker.com and report the issue you are having, it could be a defect of the product you have or its a genuine issue with the phone you are using. I myself have not had any issues connecting or viewing my files using my old Motorola Moto X Pure or my new Samsung Galaxy s9+

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@eric_sunset Do you get the issue on any other mobile device such as an iPad etc? As this is a Roav product you would be best emailing support@goroav.com or use the live chat feature on the website.


I have both the C1 and C1 Pro and rarely use the Wifi on it. But when I have, I haven’t had any issues. Have you tried resetting the unit? I would contact support@goroav.com and see what they say. You can also do live chat with them, just have to catch them at the right time. I’m done live chat with them and they were very helpful when I had questions about my C1.

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Hi all, thanks for the suggestion of resetting the unit. I tried that yesterday; using the menu I reset it to default settings and unfortunately the performance is the unchanged.

Attempts to connect take several tries, WiFi is still slow to download videos, and video buffers every few seconds making the playback experiance practically unusable. I’ve now emailed support@goroav.com to see if they can offer any assistance. Fingers crossed! -Eric

@Eric_Sunset Hi, thank you so much for letting us know this issue. We are so sorry to hear that wifi function doesn’t work fine. FYI, the average downloading speed is 2M/S. Could you please confirm the downloading speed reaches to 2M/s? And also, please keep your phone and the Dashcam within 1 meter.
If you have further issue, please feel free to email us at support@goroav.com. We are always here for help.

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I have quite similar symptoms with oneplus 2.

Also some videos never start to play on the phone. That spinny-wavy-loading-thingy just goes on for ever. Even the map loads slowly, or not at all. Download button is dimmed when this happens, so i cant even try with another player (or get to see what the stated transfer speed would be), but when i remove the memory card and try on a computer, every video plays just fine.

I have exactly the same issues, it makes this camera essentially useless. Getting the footage off is such a painful process. Of the last 6 times I have attempted all attempts have failed. Not even getting 5% downloaded. I leave my Phone within 2 feet of the camera, and the speed maxes in the 400- 500 kB range 95 % of the time. I have restarted, used different devices such as iPads, older and newer iPhones, with absolutely 0 change. I like the creator of this thread are outside my return window and very frustrated. Anker has been a good brand in everything I have purchased except for this. It is the Pro version… professionally worthless.

On some other thread i mentioned that temperature might have something to do with wifi-problems. Last summer was very hot in Finland and i could not watch/transfer anything. I do get connection on first try for over 90% of times (around the year), it loads map* and thumbnails just fine etc, but after that, trying to watch videos it gets stuck way too often. In summer it really was basically 99% fails. Now, in the early winter with temperatures just above freezing, it fails in maybe 60% of cases. It might work just fine for downloading file or two and fail after those, or fail the first try, but let me dl multiple videos when going back to thumbnail list and selecting same video again.

Strangest thing for me is that transfer speed (when downloading file to phone) is always quite stable ~2,9 MB/s. There is no in between, it just tries to load video for ever without any results or at that ~2,9 megs per second. If i try to just watch the file on roav-app, it stops to cache constantly. Plays only for 5 seconds and then caches for 10 or something. File size divided by video length gives ~2,4 MB/s, so it should be possible to watch without cache-pauses. I haven’t clocked actual transfer times and can’t come up with reason for why there would be any difference between watching in app and downloading the whole file. If and when the transfer protocol etc are the same, transfer speeds showed on the screen can’t be true.

Wifi was my main reason when selecting this camera. I’m fighting my urge to keep second memory card in car to swap in when i think i have recorded something worth saving, as with only one card, i need to get it copied to computer and back to car in one go, or i forget it. With multiple cards i should have one in camera every time i drive, but it totally wastes wifi-functionality. Copying cards to pc is 30-40 times faster though… In reality even more, if i need to transfer files from phone to computer.

'* I mentioned slow or failed loading of map in earlier message, that was for the map you see while trying to watch the video in portrait mode. Maps showed beside video thumbnails in clip selector do show up, even if i cant watch the videos.

It’s absolutely useless when it comes to WiFi and replaying a video or god forbid trying to download one!
No fix and no updates for a good while now so I’ve either got a cute paperweight for my desk or hopefully the store will give me a credit to buy a actual dash cam that’s does what it says!

I Will update on what brand I bought this weekend which might be thinkware or rexing.