WiFi into electricity

This would be interesting if it ever made it to mass market (in my lifetime lol)


Now that is fascinating!

If true, that’s really a huge breakthrough and the REAL wireless charging!

I believe this technology was created by Nikola Labs a few years back and we should start seeing early versions being adopted by Major manufacturers in the next 2-3 years.

They already have a working prototype but need to perfect the technology.

Now that is cool…wonder if it will have an impact on the network speeds :thinking: :wink: :grin:

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In Bavaria, there was the broadcast transmitter “Radio Free Europe” it transmitted with very high power. In the villages nearby you could hear the program via the speaker of the door opener.

And if you knew how to do it: you could take a fluorescent tube - and you had light - without connecting it to the mains …and you did NOT have to be a scientist …

If you want a lot of energy in the air: block the door switch of your microwave, open the door and switch on …then you can make some trials also, e.g. with fluorescent tubes - BUT ON YOUR OWN RISK. YOUR HEALTH WILL BE DAMAGED VERY HARMFUL.

So I see this thing very critical …


Hate to break it to them but this is nothing new and has been done numerous times before in a much larger scale. Nothing new, time to move on as regulations would never let it fly… Too much radiation and the likes for people

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how does that work though

Linus Tech Tips did a video on wireless power a while back. With a lamp-shaped thing on the ceiling, power was given to a toy car on the floor. It needed direct “line of sight” though. I wonder how well this WiFi technology could work through walls?

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No will never work, it breaks the laws of physics.

It only breaks the laws of physics as we currently understand them.

I also believe that the laws of physics change over time and space.

I think the laws of physics should really be called “physics theory”

I prefer to keep an open mind.

Let’s agree to disagree :sunglasses:


So maybe Apple phones can have true wireless charging after all?.??.?.

Not anytime soon

Maybe one day. It won’t be in any current phones and it won’t be in any of the phones released in 2019. But maybe in a few years?

Essentially, the device will use a flexible radio-frequency (RF) antenna to convert electromagnetic waves, e.g. WiFi, into AC signals. Then, a semiconductor will convert the signal into DC voltage to power electronics (from this article).


I think it will be at least a decade

That’s a shame. Very long time away. Especially since they originally planned to have it 2018. But the method they used before caused cancer.

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From what I have read about this over the past few years, it’s a VERY slow charge. BUT, a constant charge. In other words, as you use it, the battery would drain much slower because it would always be charging, so it probably wouldn’t be so bad. But they do need to work on speed and delivery!

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No it’s how our universe works and so true for eternity. Electromagnetic fields obey conservation of energy so for any volume of space the field has be net zero. As we inhabit a 3D space means the field has to be inverse square so it’s either has to be very intense at the source so expensive or weak at the destination so feeble

Example of the former is the Sun but it’s not something we can touch. Example of the latter is a crystal radio.

You could solve it with a directed particle beam, like laser but risk blindness or a focused high frequency radio but risk cancer.

What we currently do is use electrons rather than photons they carry more energy per particle and to stop them scattering we use their charge to hop between the shell of atoms. Also known as a wire…