WiFi Extender Compatibility PLEASE

Greetings Anker Product Management Team:

I recently discovered your brand and after some extensive research, I brought your first Eufy wired doorbell and fell in love with it because of the 2K resolution. My experience with setting up the doorbell was so easy that I decided to buy the Eufy camera floodlight instead. The floodlight took much longer to install (4-5 hours to give you a perspective; I was not pleased with the time it took but some of the issues cannot be attributed to Anker, to be honest.)

The issue I have with the Eufy camera floodlight is that it is not compatible with the Wi-Fi extender. I’m assuming that is the case with the doorbell, as well. I am very lucky that I live in a city that has fiber Internet connection with excellent range, but what you need to understand is that America is a large country and many of us have homes that are spread out. For someone like me who would like to start using Eufy for all my security needs, moving the router is not going to help. I was going to install 4 more of the floodlight cameras and an additional wired doorbell to have a total external coverage. If I move my router closer to one Eufy device, my other Eufy devices would suffer. Folks in other part of the country where their Internet range may not be as good as mind will have similar issues if they have multiple Eufy devices.

I have not done any research as to why Anker is not offering compatibility to Wi-Fi extenders, but unless there is a serious security issue with Wi-Fi extenders that cannot be overcomed (for example, by whitelisting the device in the Wi-Fi extender) , I am hereby asking Anker Product Management team and Development team to consider Wi-Fi extender compatibility in your near future releases. Of course, I would ask that the updates be backward compatible with existing devices out in the fields.

Thank you for reading this.


Hello and welcome.

This is a community of those interested in Anker, the official response will be likely below in next day or two.


Your ask is a frequent common ask.



I do not wanna destroy you dreams and wishes and i can fully comprehend your need and request, but we “eufy cam owners” have to live with the fact that the range of the eufy cam is horrible in city environments and ask eufy for nearly 2 years(!) to finally produce, sell and bring out a eufy cam range extender - no chance!

You can read the whole tragedy here: [eufy cam] The big "Range Extenders we need!" Survey ;-) - General & Product Discussion - Anker Community

So i guess, you request/wish will stay unfulfilled as ours. :pleading_face: :weary: