WiFi blinking but no connection

For few days my Eufy 11c can’t connect to my WiFi I tried holding the button for 10 seconds and it beeps but nothing changes

Hi @vib,
Please feel free to reach out to support@eufylife.com and they’ll be happy to help you get the WiFi connected again. Thanks!

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@vib So sorry to hear that the RoboVac 11C cannot be connected to your WiFi successfully. I understand you have tried to reset the machine, also confirm the following and see if it helps:

  1. The Wi-Fi network name or the password entered is correct.
  2. Whether there are any internet connection problems. If the Wi-Fi signal is too weak, reset your Wi-Fi router and try again.
  3. If there are too many devices connected to your wireless router at once, disconnect a few devices and try again.

Please contact us at support@eufylife.com to resolve the issue further if it’s still cannot be connected with the ticket and your order information. Hope the issue can be fixed soon!