Why when i put my Right earbud in the case the left one stop working?

I Have Zolo Liberty+
i can’t make the left earbud working without taking the right one from the case
they both sound fine but i want to use the left one without turn on the right one as well
any help ?

This is by design, only the right earbud can be used by itself as it us the main controller. The left earbud pairs and connects to the right earbud and is only the slave to the master right earbud. What you can do to use just the left earbud is either put the right one in your pocket or somewhere on you or use the eartip to keep the right earbud from making contact when inside the case…this is the way I do it when I wish to use just the left earbud


thank god
i thought my earbud were broken or something :smile: