Why to go for Zolo Liberty or Liberty Plus

Just switch from Samsung Level Active to Zolo Liberty
Since I have been searching for some BT handsfree to meet my expectations that include; a better sound quality for music and calls, good battery timings and a better connectivity along with the compactness, I decided to buy Zolo Liberty last week. Frankly I was not expecting much due to its small size but due to Anker’s brand name I decided to just give a try.
After couple of days of use I would like to share my review on it.
Liberty is having a nice and noticeably strong connectivity as twice I tried to call while my cell was left on first floor of my apartment and I was able to call from ground floor while standing on the road side waiting for my kid’s school van. Wow it was great and unbelievable.
Sexond thing that made me feel happy that I am avle to check the liberty battery status right from my android status bar without using any app.
Liberty really worth the money you spend.
I am more then satisfied. Thanks Anker, Thanks Zolo for such a better tech gadget.
I am from Pakistan and would gladly recommend this product to my friends and social circle.


Thanks for sharing your love with our brand!
Where did you purchased the product?:stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds good so far but I could imagine that you could get problems like other people got. Or did you change something @AnkerOfficial

I went to Anker Pakistan Authorized Distributor M/s.Advance Telecom. Their head of sales (gear business) Mr.Sameer is good friend of mine. I spent about 30 min there while I paired my cell phone myself without any prob get the invoice and done.

The only thing that irritate some times that the call (WhatsApp Viber Mobile etc) can be heard with the right side of the earbud only reaulting to loose its charge early. (For me zolo works for the whole day as I use it for calls mostly and use Google asst every now and then) so when I put them on charge in the night the left one takes onle 15 to 20 min for a full charge while the right one takes the normal time of about 80 min.
And yes the only trick I am doing from the day one; I don’t keep the buds in the Zolo case after a full charge. I put them in a separate normal case while not in use during night time.
Another interesting thing :slight_smile: my normal usage is about 7 hours a day while I continuously wearing them and never feel any pain or discomfort BUT I can’t use them for music while on my bed as I am a side sleeper and the unit switches off while pressing with the pillow.

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What I assume the other users complains are true about connectivity issues but some one suppose to guide them;

1)Connectivity issue is not the Anker or Zolo issue. Basicily its customers awareness issue. As every one knows all BT devices work on RF in case of music its one way but when you call (interact with device) its two way process. I personally tried some phone safety/protective cases and the result was negative, I barely listen the music or call. Reason… All bt devices are designed to meet the standard mobiles without calculating the blockage caused by armour or other protective cases. So yes My Zolo Liberty works fine till I use the phone without any extra layer of protective case. But soon I mount a protective case the RF signals disturb due to extra layer.

2)The charging issue…
As per battery university a continuous caharge may decrease the battery life. Every one knows that all thypes of batteries having different but limited charge cycle (350 to 600) then they become weeker and weeker.
Ithease of Liberty or Plus Lets suppose the battery has a charge cycle of 600 so if I put them 3 times in the case its 90 cycles a month now you can calculate the battery life.

3)User say that the sound in not coming or slow from any of the earbud. If you consult with the hearing aid users you will come to know that they use to clean the earbud every week to keep them working.
So the users need to clean the earbuds to avoid choking.

And yes there might be some real faults but not in all units.

Mu humble adv to all friends complaining about the product; Plz check at your end first. Are you taking good care of your unit (its not Anker or Zolo unit any more because you paid for it and you have to take care) If yes and you are facing any prob Anker is always there for a aftersales service.


Do You Know???
In Both Liberty and Liberty+

  1. Left Earbud;
    a)Control and sync the right earbud.
    b)Can’t connect or use as a single earbud
    c) Doesn’t relay any sort of communication voice

2)Left Earbud;
a) Can connect individually while the Left one is off
b)Relay all communication related sounds/voice including Music & Media.
c) Uses more battery then the left one.


Both earbuds should be able to use as standalone unit for calls and music.
It might increase the size a bit but acceptable.

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Thanks again for the detailed suggestion.:heart: