Why should the products not sell in the world 2nd largest market india 🇮🇳

My question is the my topic!!!

Are you talking about any specific products? Or just any anker products?

Can you please elaborate on the question… thanks

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Usually it is logistics or cost vs profit. Depending on current shipping and import laws, it could be not as profitable for them to do it.

Also, India’s per capita income was $1670 per year in 2016. Based upon cost of living and other expenses, few people would be able to afford the entire line of products, such as let’s say a Powercore Lite 10000 at $34 USD. The purchase of that would equate out to 2% of the yearly salary. Just tossing my thoughts into the ring.


Yeah I think the user is asking about whether Anker is planning on selling their products in india, which is a big market.

This question is pretty vague, can we get some specifics?

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He, being an Indian resident, wanted to know if Anker is planning on selling their products in India.

Now coming back to the question, I think @Fuu_bar answered it pretty well. The main reason, as far as I think is import taxes that India has. I’ll take apple’s iPhone for example, in US iPhone XS sells for $999. Now in India, the same phone sells for Rs. 1,00,000 (approx) which is about $1400. Import taxes in India are pretty high and considering anker sells stuff cheaper than competitors, they would actually have to raise their product prices to make a profit in India.

The only other option for anker would be to produce products domestically so the import laws don’t come into effect


Affordability of electronics is also critical. Cheap chinese knockoffs in India will always pose huge hurdle for quality products as consumer is not going to pay premium prices.


I think you answered most of it @Shivam_Shah and @kumar.sachin closed the gaps…

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I don’t know shipping?