Why not creating a poll find out were real ACTIVE! member come from?

I tried this some time ago and I found only a few from DE. (Paul and furkist who was later)

I know some “old fellows” from UK! :relaxed: and some from CA :relaxed:
The majority is from USA.

So they the most competitions may be opened for US only.
But should they really?


Competetions should not just be open to the US regardeless of any facts. Anker has stock in Germany, so they should be able to have regular competitions there. It’s a shame they don’t have them more often.

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You can look at the user list to see who is active. At least by month/quarter etc.

It’s a difficult one with competitions. They always go for the US first because that is where the most customers are or dependant on device (like powerhouse is US only) but we (Europe) do get the opportunity a few weeks later.

Where is April’s Auction?? I need some weekend banter :thumbsup:


May be there won’t be any auction this month. :unamused:

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What most people fail to realize is that with competitions certain rules apply for a international giveaways vs just hosting US giveaways and it’s not always feesible to get the requirements together in time to host as many giveaways that Anker does. Sure it’s easy for us to say so and so has stock of so and so item, but it’s more than stock that they have to take Into consideration such as taxes/import fees/regulatory hurdles.


what is this user list you’re talking about? How do I see it?

On mobile, click the l3 lines at the top and then hit users


Omg wow in all my time on here I have clicked that tab so many times and just never clicked user thanks

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Some of the items made by Anker has radio frequencies specific only to certain countries. By law they cannot sell/ship it to other countries. For those items giveaways, powerdraw are country specific.
For items that don’t have radios in them but may have electronics or li-ions with AC inputs (with specific frequency, 50Hz or 60Hz) this country requirement still holds.
For everything else, it should be open to all.
But I agree that powerdraws should have a good mix of eligible regions.

That actually responds the question I always had regarding why the contests are only for certain countries.

There was a previous thread for introducing yourself that included where you live at. I thought about the same thing recently and had a post about where everyone lives at and it was merged with it as well.