Why is zolo so played down by anker?

Why is zolo so played down by anker? I never see any advertisements for it. There’s not even a section for it on the anker community! They just upgraded the zolo liberty so it’s not like zolo is discontinued. Anyone know what’s up?

Good question @ajsanders2004 . They only advertise two products, the Liberty series and Mojo. Probably not played down but the product line is small, so the attention from Anker is more focused towards SoundCore. Somewhere on this forum someone stated that Zolo was going to be phased out and consumed by SoundCore but with the release from Zolo’s Liberty Series it doesn’t seem like that is the case.

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I agree, I’ve also seen those rumors. But they keep releasing new stuff so…

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While its not been confirmed by @AnkerOfficial I think this breakdown by @elmo41683 best covers the Zolo / SoundCore thing;