Why is the sd card formated when reinstalling

I was doing some troubleshooting with the overlighting video clips.
so I tried to reboot.

i deleted the homebase and reinstalled it and synced agan all the cameras.
I got three.

all the old mobie clips are suddenly removed en the sd card has been formated. thats a bit strange.
I would like that does not hapen, if i want too watch something back.
any experience with this?


Hey @Elmer_de_Boer, we require more information from your cams to troubleshoot this problem.

Could you send an email to support@eufylife.com so we can help?


I am already in contact with eufy about the video download.
IS there a live chat possible?


We do have a live chat here: https://www.eufylife.com/

(There should be a grey microphone icon in the bottom right of the page)