Why Is my RoboVac G30 Edge Constantly Turning in Circles?

I’ve been using the RoboVac G30 since October and the longer I have it, the less smart it seems to get. Now it’s started turning in circles randomly and repeatedly (as seen in the carpet on the included picture). It also won’t start cleaning again after a second recharge. When it hits low battery the first time it returns to the dock, recharges, and starts again. But if it runs out a second time, it just goes back for a recharge but never finishes.

Check and pull on the bumper to make sure thats its not sticking in any one spot forcing the robovac to turn constantly. Also give the sensors a good wiping down because dust can build up causing this issue as well

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If all those hints fail @Tank has given you could unplug and plug the battery.
Should be a kind of hard reset.