Why is my packaging of Anker Soundbuds Slim + different? And why it doesnot support Aptx Hd?

My packaging of anker aoundbuds slim+ is different. The remote is also different than of photos on the anker website.It also doesnot support aptx hd.

What packaging are you comparing it to that’s “different”?

It’s not supposed to support aptX HD, just regular aptX…

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Where did you purchase the Anker Soundbuds Slim+ ? And what are you comparing it to?

I purchased Soundbuds slim + from amazon. The box and the remote of the headset are different than of reviews and unboxing from youtube. Its also different than the photos which is shown in the anker website. I tried to change Bluetooth audio codec to aptx and aptx hd both. But it wont change and stuck with aac. I also have problem with resetting the headset. Pressing volume up and down button at the same time wont reset the device. In the anker website it states that Anker soundbuds slim plus support aptx hd not just only regular aptx.

@Bikal_Devkota As mentioned by @TechMan the Slim+ only provide aptx not aptxHD which are two different codec standards…what device are you trying to use with the earbuds?

As for the differences in box and remote of the earbuds, are you sure the reviews you were looking at were for the Slim+ and not the original Slim or upgraded Slim model?

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I have watched the review many times and i am sure that its Anker soundbuds slim+. I am using Oneplus 7 with qualcomm snapdragon 855 chipset.

I would honestly contact soundcore support at service@soundcore.com

It seems like something shady is going on. Anker has a great support team and I’m sure they would be glad to help you!

Good luck getting this worked out!

I also have the issue of not matching the remote with website photos. :confused: