Why I'm stoked about the Soundcore Mini 2

Soundcore Mini 2: Nothing Mini About It! … except for its size. It’s actually pretty small.

I recently had the opportunity to test out the Anker Soundcore Mini 2 Pocket Bluetooth IPX7 Waterproof Outdoor Speaker. Thanks, @AnkerOfficial! I’m stoked about this tiny speaker! “…but why?” you may be asking yourselves. Well, I’ll tell ya.

First of all, it’s compact! It’s a little thicker than an a soda can and less than 2/3 the height. This thing is solid though! I’m not sure what the body is made of, but it feels like some sort of metal housing. There’s a grip on the bottom to prevent it from accidentally sliding off things and it has some weight to it to where it feels, like I said above, solid, but not uncomfortable. It fits right in the palm of your hand.

Pairing it was a breeze! Turn it on, find it in your Bluetooth settings, tap the name, and boom! All done. I couldn’t wait to get some music pumping out of this little guy. I opened up my Amazon Music app and just hit the first song that showed up on the home page. It was the Best of Madonna album and the choir from Like a Prayer immediately started playing so crisp and clear. My kids were cracking up as I sang along word for word dancing around the house pumping the little speaking up in the air as I attempted my best Madonna impersonation.

Right out of the box I was seriously impressed with the audio quality of this. I’ve had compact speakers before. While some sound alright, none of the ones I’ve had before I would actually say were good. For what this is, dare I call it great? Yes, I dare. It’s a great sounding speaker with clear, crisp audio and some solid bass that pumps out of it.

Now, let’s talk about the batter life for a minute. There’s not too much I can say about it except I haven’t charged it since I’ve taken it out of the box a week ago. I use it while I shower in the morning, so it isn’t on for more than 10 minutes at a time, but I had it going for 3 hours this past weekend while my kids played in the bath and my connected iPhone was clear across the house. The specks boast a 15 HOUR BATTERY. WOW! That’s impressive and would explain why I haven’t had to charge it yet.

This is where it lives. Right here in my shower. It’s gotten wet and had soap on it. No issues in terms of loss of sound. It’s waterproof, so why not keep it in here? It’s an excellent bathroom/shower speaker! Not to mention it’s an excellent all-around portable outdoor speaker.

A feature I have not had the opportunity to test yet is the wireless stereo pairing. According to the online description, with a press of a button you can instantly pair two Soundcore Mini 2s for “a huge hit of stereo sound”! That is something I look forward to doing in the future.

I think it’s safe to say that I’m a big fan of this little speaker and have enjoyed using it immensely! If you’re in need or looking for a great sounding and tiny portable speaker with massive battery life, I highly recommend this. Below are the specs I pulled from the product description so you can read the specifics.


Soundcore Mini 2
The Pocket-Sized Speaker with Big Sound

Big Beats
A customized 6 W driver with built-in BassUpTM technology supplies sound that defies Soundcore Mini 2’s compact size. Fill the room with full-bodied audio; crisp, clear highs and deep, rich lows.

IPX7 Waterproof Protection
An advanced casing offers impenetrable protection against water, rain, dust, mud and more. Soundcore Mini 2 even withstands being submerged in up to 3.3 ft (1 m) of water for 30 minutes.

Non-Stop Music
15 hours of non-stop entertainment is powered by a high-performance Li-ion battery and Anker’s superior power management technology. Soundtrack your car ride, beach party and even the ride home—all without running out of power.

Expand Your Sound
True Wireless Stereo technology makes it easy to pair your speaker with a second Soundcore Mini 2 for stereo sound with greater spatial depth and even bigger volume.

Play Anywhere
Soundcore Mini 2’s sleek metal finish with non-slip rubber base is robust, yet lightweight. Small enough to fit in your coat pocket, it is the perfect musical companion.

Enhanced Connectivity
Bluetooth 4.2 ensures a strong, skip-free connection up to 66 ft away, while the built-in microphone allows you to answer calls.


15 hours is good. Is that on max. volume?

The max volume is…very loud? LOL! I’m not sure, honestly. It doesn’t go deafeningly loud, but does get loud enough to fill a large room and then some. The audio quality does drop some when its turned up to max. The volume can be controlled from the speaker buttons or the connected device.

EDIT: @Big_Arcane, I read your question incorrectly. I don’t know if the 15 hour battery life is on max volume. My guess is that the average battery life is based on “normal” listening habits and not of full volume the entire time.


Nah, I don’t really expect anyone has it at max. for 15 hours.
Quite often specs are under ideal circumstances.
Like a phone that works 20 hours on a charge. IF you hardly use it with a very dim screen.


I’ll be getting one of these. Great to see the pictures, especially the one with it in the shower! Great review!


Awesome! I truly was pleasantly surprised with the sound quality of this and the size was smaller than I thought it would be. I have some larger, wireless speakers that I mainly use for outdoors that are water resistant, but I love that I could take this thing kayaking with me and not worry about it. Plus, it’s nice to always have the option to listen to music in the shower. They most difficult part of it is remember to have some music cued up before getting in. lol!

Love the shower pic. I can definitely see me using it in the shower/bath…although, I might end up being in there too long :stuck_out_tongue: . Thanks for sharing your experience and pictures. :slight_smile:

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Great review, @TheCharneco! Thanks for sharing!

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My favorite thing to do is to sing while taking a shower.:sweat_smile:


Hahaha! Same! :sweat_drops::open_mouth::notes:

Yes, I been trying to figure out where to use or put the mini 2 that I have. And since I got the flares these sort of don’t get used, but now they will have a purpose and are sentenced to shower duty


LOL! It’s the perfect location to put the speaker, especially considering how rarely you’ll actually have to recharge the battery.

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At max volume is more like 10 to 12 hours.

I’ve gotten over 12 hours by running AUX cable instead of Bluetooth and running at about 80%


I’ve have the same issue. Mine is sitting in the kitchen on a book shelf. I’m about to move to the bathroom counter. Save my other units for the house or outside use.


I have my Motion Q set for the kitchen, and the flares are for computer gaming/movie watching from the computer or the Nebula Mars II projector. And now, the mini 2 will be in the bathroom.

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how are the flares for movie watching? I wonder if I get a second Motion Q it give it a better movie watching experience.

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Get 2! They sound great together! :heart_eyes:

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It’s amazing, when two are paired together you get true left and right channel sound and when paired with the 360 degree speaker output its awesome. So glad I got two, eventually I will get a second Motion Q si I can experience that aswell.


Yes! get 2 and make your showering experience an surrounding one :slight_smile: . BEST IDEA is to be able to fit it in one of those dry sauna or wet sauna :slight_smile:


I finally used it outdoors for an afternoon. I had it at about 70% volume, which was plenty loud enough for a reggae Sunday while playing with my kids in the pool. I am very impressed with this tiny speaker and I’m convinced now that I need to get another one at some point! LOL! :smiley: