Why I think this isn't as active as it used to

Personally, I believe the reason why this forum is somewhat barren is because of the Soundcore forum. Soundcore is a huge chunk of the Anker brand, and with the addition of its own forum, it has been sapping the user base away from here to there, since (in my opinion) Anker’s most vocal users that are active are mainly drawn towards Soundcore and music in general.
That’s just my two cents.
What do you guys think?

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I just started getting into this forum and was excited when I arrived but I feel like it is pretty slow now. Which is disappointing. It seems odd that any @AnkerOfficial hasn’t responded to anything in a month or two. Hopefully they are okay! We are still waiting on the results for like two challenges and I have two topics that i made that haven’t been posted yet because it seems like they aren’t around to approve them.

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@ncro That was part of the downturn but even Soundcore’s forum is now only propped up by a few key members which contribute in various ways (and a leaderboard for prizes…which can go quiet sometimes too).

Outside of taking onboard feedback from members who have remained, they need to put in place a core team (employed) to get things going again and keep them in place to keep it going (rather than water down or farm them to another dept)…otherwise they will still end up with the same wash, rinse, repeat outcome…

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Partially true.

Soundcore gave out more free stuff, competitions, points you can exchange for discounts. Anker stopped doing that.

So free stuff pulled interest from the self-interested.

But even now Soundcore community is quieter as they stopped free stuff a few months ago.

Reddit is busier, in part as there’s no ToS suspension for talking future stuff.

However this does not represent three places where there’s largely no “adult supervision” bar the unpaid moderators. It would not take too many malvescents to turn these as pro-Anker to anti-Anker. Currently a few good users prevent that.


I think we can all agree that talking about music is more interesting to more people than talking about cables and power banks. Those either work and are invisible, or don’t and get complaints. Soundcore capitalized on the music conversation, plus also had more free stuff at the beginning. That has now basically stopped, and activity is going down a lot in response.

Around here it is a double whammy - first all of that music conversation left (plus the security stuff, remember Eufy?), second the giveaways here stopped even earlier than at soundcore. So many powerbucks, nowhere to go.

If I want non official support, reddit is a better bet. For official support, direct email. Without free stuff, not a lot left here except a few people who built some relationships over the years.



I think there has been a priority shift to more social media outlets and they have just let some of the sites settle with no or little admin support on any of them. I really thought they would have incorporated the communities with the social media to flow folks back and forth. (Soundcore initially did that with the Amazon livestreams or a few earlier contest and such)

Soundcore went from like 3 active admins to one that was basically going through the motions (core update and Friday songs thread). Anker has none for the longest time. Eufy site I think is a mess and not sure where they are going with it (they recently took out point system and it seems more like a big support line)

Initially soundcore did take some of the folks over but for the most part they were still coming to Anker site as well. You just have less talking by those folks as they became less active in both. (Techman, Tank, Shenoy and Mac to name a few) Life caused them to shift or have less discussions.

Will say that at least on Anker we have more leeway to discuss other things vs a smaller subset of discussions that has been set in place for soundcore due to issues from the leaderboard threads in the early times.


It’s been a sinking ship for a while lol