Why doesn't Anker deliver to the isle of wight?

I live on the isle of wight and a couple of years ago I was able to order your products to my home on the isle of wight, now after many years I wish to update the powerbanks I have to newer models I find that you will not deliver to where I live.

Have you stopped using royal mail to deliver your products? because as much as yes we are an island we have the same postage as the rest of the UK and all major couriers deliver here as well

buying off Anker.com or via amazom.co.uk? If the former then its a question to Anker, if the latter it is a question to Amazon.

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You can’t buy off anker? all there products on site redirect me to amazon and speaking to amazon I was told it was Ankers rules not theres

It depends on the product, they could also have a broker for your area that they work with which could be why they don’t ship as it takes away from them. You can reach out to them via here or Twitter and ask if there is a broker for your area

More likely it’s Amazon’s in regards to the items containing batteries. There’s a section on Amazon advising on items that have restricted shipping out of the UK…

As I said we are part of the UK we use the exact same postal service and our post codes are the same area as portsmouth, I can get perfume, alcohol and everything else shipped here with no issue, but apparently power banks are a massive no no any further than the coast line

That does sound very weird and should be treated no differently than delivering to Cardiff or London.