Why doea my phone get hot when I keep my phone under my pillow over night?

Yesterday I kept my phone under my pillow and plugged in my headphone and started to listen to music. When I woke up yesterday. My phone was really hot. I don’t know why because my phone isn’t running a stress test or anything. It’s just running Spotify. BTW I have the OnePlus 6. I’m not sure if this is the only phone that does this but since Anker knows a lot about battery. I’m wondering what is going on with my phone when it is under my pillow

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Why do you get warm/hot when you’re covered with a blanket? You’re retaining your body heat by using a blanket that has insulating properties as well as reflecting your own body heat back to your body.

When you’re covering your phone with a pillow, its the same premise. Whatever heat that is being generated by the phone is being retained and/or reflected back by the pillow and is not being allowed to dissipate or be cooled. Phones and such devices use their casing as a heat sink to dissipate the generated heat. If you’re insulating the device and it’s casing (with a pillow), you’re not allowing it to cool itself off.

Don’t put your phone under your pillow and it should be fine.:wink:


This cannot be a serious post.

Next you’ll be asking why things get wet when you put them under a tap, or why does ice melt when you remove it from the freezer, how about, why is food hot when you remove it from the oven?

How about, why does my phone break when I throw it on the concrete floor?


It’s a legitimate question and something many people may not know (even the NYPD found a need to make a public announcement about leaving your phone under the pillow). Besides, we welcome all questions in our community! :slight_smile:


I hope you are joking with this post …
but for logic is not advisable to place your phone under the pillow while you sleep … imagine if it exploded by the pressure and heat to which you expose it!

I know it’s not s serious post phone but for a phone to heat up by just keeping a phone under a pillow. I know that a pillow does not disapate heat but the phone must get warm or it needs to heat up. So what is going on in my phone when it’s on standby

I wear a tin foil hat and I would never sleep with a phone under my pillow, unless it’s off. If cellular and wifi is on, it will work extra hard to stay connected. That’ a lot of radiation…poor brain!

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A phone always uses power, otherwise the standby time would be much longer. A pillow is super insulating so even the little heat the phone generates builds up.

I also have a old fashioned dumb phone with a standby time of 2 weeks.
But when I’m in an area without service it keeps searching for service so hard the battery hardly lasts a day.
So that may be another issue, less signal under your pillow.

Besides that your phone is always busy with WiFi. Checking mail, updates etc

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It’s safe if you wrap your pillow in tin foil. That keeps radiation within limits. IF you don’t sleep more than 7.128 hours :slight_smile:

While your phone may appear to be in standby, there are still a lot of background processes going on (checking for new email, processing new push notifications, updating the weather widget, syncing your contacts and cloud files, etc). These all use the CPU and can generate small amounts of heat which you may not notice in day-to-day usage, but they eventually add up while insulated under your pillow.

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Well this scientist would point out your own brain emits about 8 times the radiation of the typical phone. So your phone needs protection from you than you from the phone. Or it isn’t relevant.