Why did all my devices and setups disappear in my account?

I spent the entire afternoon setup and installed the devices. It worked fine when I was at home. My account has no devices after I left home. How come? How can I get all my original setup back?

I am not going to be able to help but others may, you may want to list what devices are not showing now.

I am assuming it is an app. If an app, I am assuming you signed in and it is still signed in.

It seems that if the homebase is added to another account, it will disappear from the previous account without any notification or alert. It will just disappear completely. I have to readd all the device back which is painful since all the devices have been monuted.

The App definitly can be done better. 1. It should prompt the user if the device is associated with another account when adding it. It should also prompt the previous user what had happened to their devices. It should keep all the setups but just deactivate the devices rather than removing them. The previous user should ba allowed to reactivate the devices as well. 2. It should allow user to add device by its unique id so the user don’t have to have the device within 1.5m of the homebase to readd them. The only way to add the device with the sync button is not convenient after the initial setup.