Why Canada's products availability is different from the US?

If you didn’t guessed by the title, Canadian person here. And Anker enthusiast, with almost 10 products - not counting cables.

It bothers me that some amazing products simply aren’t available in Canada. We share a long, unprotected border with the US, with whom we also have - at least until now - a free-trade agreement. Yet, some products - specially new ones - can’t be ship here. I’m hoping an Anker representative will read this, but any insight will be appreciated.

Here’s a short list of products not available to ship to Canada - as in not available at Amazon.ca or not sent from Amazon.com to Canadian postal codes:

  • PowerCore Turbo 16000mAh with PowerIQ™
  • Quick Charge 2.0 Combo
  • PowerPack: PowerCore+ & PowerPort 4 & PowerLine+ & Travel Case
  • Eufy Smart Bulbs
  • Roav DashCam C2 - specially ironic that the product focus on extreme temperatures…
  • Eufy RoboVac 11c
  • Eufy RoboVac 11+
  • Eufy Genie Smart Speaker
  • Eufy BodySense Blood Pressure Monitor

This is far from a comprehensible list, but it illustrates the idea. Some cool tech like the whole Eufy smart bulbs and Health lines can’t be found in Amazon.ca or ship here from Amazon.com. Newer version of products available to Canadians also, like the RoboVac and Roav DashCam.

Any more Canadians here also bothered by that? Maybe if enough of us join the conversation they’ll show us some more love!


Can you drive to the states?
We don’t have the full product list here in the UK either but we do get most of it eventually.

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You would most likely get a more concise answer as to why by dropping an email to support@anker.com or marketing@anker.com. As @Oggyboy has mentioned most territories don’t get the full product inventory from the get go but often the majority of products does make an appearance at some point.

The main reason most likely is due to a larger user/customer base in the US and the stock levels they have at initial launch. Once production increases along with demand in other territories, new product lines are expanded to that location.

You can not drive to the states everyday :slight_smile: and Anker is selling on Amazon online.

I can, but I would still need an actual US address to have it delivered to. And Amazon don’t have any Amazon Lockers on the cities near Montreal, where I live. And, if I ever have to return an item, that would be a problem. Not the streamlined experience we got used to.

I mentioned Canada, but the same can be said for any country. If everything ships originally from China where the products are manufactured, and since Anker send products to all those countries, why not all products? I would be cool with waiting a few days or even weeks if I could order from Amazon.ca and have it delivered directly to me.

The supply chain is already established, isn’t it? That’s what I’m talking about. Even if the US customer base - and surely revenue - is greater than most countries, it wouldn’t take much work or expense from Anker’s part other than print labels and create product pages on their country-specific websites.

So, I mentioned Canadians on my original post, but now I urge all non-US-resident Anker fans to unite!

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You might be able to get stuff delivered from AliExpress.

Dude that sucks you cant get all that stuff in Canada.

As @ndalby said sending Anker an email would probably get you the best results, but just to point out, the Turbo has been discontinued everywhere, and the Robovac 11c is currently unavailable in US.

Robovac 11+ and Bodysense Smart Scale appears to be available in Canada.

And aside from the product bundles you mentioned, the rest are recent releases of the past 8 months. Allow some time and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised.

Why doesn’t the US get these colors?!


A lot of it has to do with the controls in different countries. In Canada it may have to meet CSA approval in order to be sold here. A couple summers back I purchased an air soft rifle for my son at Walmart in Idaho and had it taken from me at the Canadian border, seems it didn’t meet our Canadian standards as it didn’t have the little orange tip on the end that would signify a toy. The same items can be made for both countries but without the stamp it is a border problem. Testing for some product can be very expensive. Ever try to buy a car or boat in the US and bring it into Canada, It will cost you a pretty penny to bring it up to emission standards.

This is a complex topic about supply chain.

Yesterday I had to order a Lenovo (I assume made-in-China) product direct from China, an estimated 2-3 weeks delivery, for an item which is not available within USA, but is available in unusually smaller European countries. Similar was with OnePlus phone and I think I ordered an iPod once which I ordered in USA and found a tracking code from China. The risk with this is a warranty issue you have to pay for the return postage and the more international you act the more you encounter language problems.

I would ask a different question - why are Canadians so expensive and so bad at engineering and manufacturing the product has to be designed and manufactured in China? So you are causing the problem locally in your schools and entrepeneurial investment mindset. All credit to the manufacturing powerhouse which is China. It is such now that none fear a trade war with China as the Canadians would cease getting a lot they want within weeks. Same criticism of UK, USA and many other once big manufacturing countries.

Take a look of how the children growing in China are so much better at the skills needed to design and manufacturer technology products.

At least Canada uses USA type plugs not the weird ones in UK.

:heart_eyes: my favorite color combination…where can I get it at I want it I want it

These are very nice and would lovely with the red cables. :heart_eyes:

I’d love those red batteries to arrive in France too :slight_smile:
Please @AnkerOfficial :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think Canadian is bad at engineering, you were misinformed somewhere, the differences in price due to exchange rate, and lower population.

In term of education, we knew that Canadians (British) did burn the whitehouse. I like it. It is the best history chapter in Canada.

The blackberry was made in Canada :slight_smile: and one of the best smartphone in the world. Apple was the one who decided to do everything in China to reduce cost. It was the American who destroyed themselves and Canadians.

Apart from weapons, airplanes (which canadian needs from Americans), Canadians could just buy everything from Mexico or China. Canadians don’t wage war with China, lol, only in American dreams that we will.


Did I said “was made” and NOT “is made” before Apple iphone? well, history…

Hence why it is made overseas and why

Canadians like diversity, it is okay to like something more than other.

Canadians don’t produce everything like NorthKoreans, as you properly know. So ofcourse Candians don’t have all “amazing products” produced here.