Whoops 😂 SpaceX launch: Starman trackers warn Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster will CRASH into Earth

Hopefully it doesn’t strike a satellite IF it does crash to Earth and start a chain reaction :thinking:

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I’m sure if there’s any chance of proximity return (and re-entry), they’ll mobilize the Space X fairing recovery vessel Mr Steven to attempt a net catch of the roadster. I’d try if I had the equipment capable… finders keepers!


No way! SpaceX knows what there doing more than NASA :joy::joy::joy:


The fact that space shuttles require a large amount of thermal paneling as well as that meteorites burn up in the atmosphere, I wouldn’t expect more than a lug nut to make it back.

Yeah but if it were to return to Earth it wouldn’t need to puncture the atmosphere to take out a satellite and potentially start a chain reaction taking out every satellite.