Who would buy into Eufy SmartHome tech?

I’ve been watching the Home Automation scene for a while now and after the successful kick starter for the security cameras I’m curious what will be coming next.

They obviously compare themselves to nest, so I think a natural progression would be into the smarthome / smart security space.

Anyone feel the same, would anyone consider them as a viable option based on their experience with Eufy camera?

I don’t have any eufycams, due to the price. However, I definitely trust them as a brand, based on my experience with other anker products/brands, and based on other people’s experiences.

I would love to see more eufy security products come out this year!

I don’t have any their cams. But I have a genie and several other smart bulbs and I am impressed. I can see with some research they can be a competitor for nest other like smart home companies.

I’d love to see Anker expand more in the smart home market. For instance, I like my Nest Protect fire and carbon monoxide detector because I can get notified of trouble even away from home. I do not like the over $100 price tag and think Anker could easily manufactur a similar product for half the price and still be profitable.

As long as you don’t care about the talking or night light and have a smart hub, kiddie makes z-wave combo smoke and carbon detectors. They work pretty well

Right now I went a different route. The only items at this moment on my list are some Eufy smart color light bulbs. I’m waiting for the new model, hopefully soon.

Me too.
Not such a fan of smart and Alexa things.
Others may like these of course.

I can definitely see that eufy/Anker will make every effort to bring a complete home automation and security system. It might even be a threat to well established and known brands like nest as they don’t offer as many products like Anker does under it’s umbrella.

I like eufycams so far and yes still lot of improvements can be brought to the system overall which eufy is capable of. Just my opinion that Anker is not putting much effort on updating the eufycam to where it needs to be. And when it is done, every other security cam/system no matter if it is current top brand and leading in the market will look under performing compared to eufy.:thumbsup:
Are you listening @AnkerOfficial

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