Who wants reviews?

From left to right : PowerPort+ 1, Powerline+ (USB-C), PowerPort Speed 1, PowerPort PD1.

Review of the chargers Anker USB-C wall charger battle : a compared review - Product Reviews - Anker Community


Hi @lololegeek75

Normally a review comes with some words about the product(s)…any chance you can expand a bit on these?


A little bit “small” and minimalist your “work”.
Some expansion?


Um, yes please…j would like a review if the two plugs on the right in your picture, no need to review the quick charge wall plug on the left as that’s standard across the board. I would also like to see a review of the red cable you have. Please and thank you


at least label each item

I want a review on the velcro strip

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Those eu plugs really screw up a small form factor eh.

forget about reviews, this user will not do that

The velcro strip :joy:


Ohh I get it! :joy:

Sorry, I’m new to the community. Should I remove the post ?
I just wanted to know if people were interested in theses products so I’d make detailed review of each.

No worries we were all newbies once :slight_smile:

As mentioned if you can update your original post with some details / likes / dislike / things for improvement on either one or all of the items your showing, it could be good read for community members…

Ok, i’ll prepare a review as soon as possible and when it’s ready I’ll delete this post or update it with the right links ?

There is no way to delete threads sadly.

You can

A) Update this thread with more details about each product (a review).
B) update this thread with links to the reviews.

I’m sure we would all like reviews for all the products!


It’s too early for me so I read this and started hysterically laughing

here it is ! Anker USB-C wall charger battle : a compared review