Who’s on your dream team?

Co-branding originated in the fashion industry. There have been a number of notable examples: Supreme/Louis Vuitton, Alexander Wang/H&M, and Keith Haring/Uniqlo. If two brains are better than one, why not two brands?

Electronics have had their fair share of collaborations as well, like our very own Nebula Mars, which comes equipped with JBL speaker technology.

Here’s our question of the day:

What is your dream collaboration between two brands that have not cooperated before?

Excited to hear your wild ideas! Maybe, if we’re lucky, it’s only a matter of time before our dream teams really do come together.


I would love to see Anker team up with Bang Olufsen, they make great speakers and pair that with Ankers battery technology we can have some premium speakers with long lasting batteries. We could also have better sounding wireless earbuds combining the two company techs

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Jabra n Anker for headsets.

Mission n soundcore

Anker n any car manufacturer, for hybrid or.electric cars!

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Anker & Philips Hue to make rechargeable lighting that can be then placed anywhere and be controlled via Wi-Fi and HomeKit.


Anker and Nintendo: featuring power banks that can be mounted to the Nintendo Switch! :wink:


Anker and any* phone manufacture

*[size=1]That is not Apple[/size]


I’m gonna +1 this because I have a moto z2 force and I want Anker mods to add to my collection. I LOVE my moto projector but I want one that performs in higher light. The moto is only 50 lumens. I’d totally accept bulkier profile for higher lumens and possibly integrated audio, though I do love using the soundcore boost for audio when watching video through the projector.

Another I’d like to see is Epson + Anker. I love Epson’s projection quality and wireless connection tech. I’m thinking a larger projector with at least 2000 lumens and integrated audio and even charging. 12 hours of viewing untethered would be amazing and I think totally doable.

Finally an Anker + EBags solution with an integrated charger would be sweet. Something like a slim built into a backpack with internal charging options built in. I’d like to carry 20,000 mAh and have three usb charging ports built into the inside of the bag. Maybe even PD in the laptop compartment since I have an asus chromebook flip c302. :grin: Oh yeah, this would need to be waterproof. And intelligently padded like my pro slim jr. I’d pay retail for that.

Do you not like Tesla?

Not particularly, it’s musk that I dislike.

Also, why should 1 manufacturer have the monopoly, esp at those prices.

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I suggest that Anker team up with Yamaha to make portable powerful (and of curse that can charge your phone :wink:) keyboards!

Or even Yamaha motorbikes.

The choice on alternative fuel for bikes, is extremely limited and expensive.

Plus, I know the do electronic pushbikes.

Personally, on that front, I’d say… Anker plus Giant plus Bosch (Anker battery technology and Giant’s cycle know how, and Bosch electronic motors). Bearing in mind, the average price is £1,200 to £1,500 (GBP)
Bikes like the Gtech, are rubbish… Under powered and the frame etc is poorly made in comparison to others.

Musk aside, what about a Tesla (any model) do you like and dislike about it?

Well when someone builds their own company from the ground up, I think thy can do whatever they want to maximize their profits, if a monopoly is of concern what are your thoughts about Amazon? :grin:

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I’m not really fussed over a fancy electric car TBH. I don’t think becoming mega rich allows you any other “privileges”, than not being mega rich. There’s a whole big difference between being eccentric and being an arsehole!

Amazon could hardly be a monopoly, when you have so many other options, Inc eBay, direct with the company, and so many other choices or buying a product quickly online.

There are a number of brands who make almost-perfect products for the lack of some feature.

The most common one I would suggest is between the Chinese brand OnePlus and Chinese brand Anker.

OnePlus have their DASH charger, so:

  • DASH car charger
  • DASH Powercore
  • DASH multiport Powerport

OnePlus have a history of weak speakers so:

  • a “soundbar” type 6" - 7 " in length you prop the phone ontop to give stereo better sound.
  • Optional is it is a powerbank and recharges the phone too.
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I think a partnership with an outdoor company like YETI would be cool they could make lanterns and flashlights and maybe some larger solar panels to recharge the new Powerhouse.

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I would love to see Anker colaborate with an RV company such as Airstream and great the ultimate off-grid glam-camper for today’s modern day techippie :minibus:

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