Who Let the ports out

Newest email deals


Woof, woof, woof woof! :joy:

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:joy: hey that was the title of the email, Anker did it not me haha

i was actually in the market for a powerport 6, thanks @elmo41683

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don’t ya just love those emails

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Yup! I just ordered the powerport 6. :wink:

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hmm is there a way to check if your still subscribe? haven’t got any of the e-mail for awhile

Edit: nm figure it out just not getting the e-mails

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Check your spam because they may be going there

My title was:

Such ports. Very wow.

Yeah I got that one too - it cracked me up. :laughing:

US only :confounded:

;( :disappointed: Why only US?

If there was a NASA version, would it be a space port? Would ships dock?

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I subscribed to the newsletter yesterday, for France, but didn’t receive anythign yet. I hope their are also making deals for us frog-eaters.

yup check spam folder nothing not sure what’s going on been awhile since I last got a e-mail from subscribe might try unsubscribe and resubscribe

Nothing in there, but I guess it’s because they didn’t send a campaign for France yet.
If I don’t receive anything in the next 2 weeks, I’ll shoot an email to marketing@anker.com to get it sorted out.

Gotta love amazon prime. Purchased the powerport 6 yeasterday beign delivered today even tho it’s dupposed to come tomorrow :grimacing: woohoo!

Guess what came today :grimacing:

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Such angry faces haha, nice

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Do you guys know that you can share an amazon prime subscriptions with friends and family? I’m doing it with a colleague. You just have to set another delivering address :stuck_out_tongue: