Who is the good portable speaker between these?

1: https://www.anker.com/products/variant/soundcore-2/A3105011

2: https://www.anker.com/products/variant/soundcore-motion-b-portable-bluetooth-speaker/A3109011

3: https://www.amazon.com/Soundcore-Anker-All-Around-Waterproof-Activities/dp/B07BHNRFKC

Please help me to choose a good one and thanks guys.

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If I had to choose one I’d go for the SoundCore 2 as I have the first generation of it and it’s an amazing speaker and the second gen looks incredible

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Personally I would get the Motion B or the Motion Q, all depends on where and how you plan on using it. For on the go use I would get the Motion Q


Depends if you are after battery life, loudness or ruggedness…

Personally I would be leaning towards the Motion Q, good battery life, waterproof, 360 sound and has wireless stereo capabilities (requires second Motion Q)…best of all worlds :grin:


I guess the best all-around here is indeed the Motion Q. Without any specifics of how you’ll use it, it would be my recommendation.


Write us were you will use the speaker mainly.
Out- or indoor?
Are weight an the dimension important.
( travelling🤔)

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My thoughts exactly

In all honestly I feel like the Tribit is the best bang for buck speaker. As much as I love everything Anker, the Tribit is just way too good and the reviews show for it. I even returned their Soundgo and bought their more expensive model, X-Boom.