Who I can’t win the powerhouse

I I’m very very want a powerhouse! Looks soo good.

@88888888Alex88888888 Tienes que paticipar en los eventos que pone Anker. Es posible que te den un descuento pero para que te lo regalen es casi imposible. Buena suerte

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Que eventos y cuñados van a ser?

@88888888Alex88888888 Ahorita tienen este…

unforgettable christmas

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y este


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@88888888Alex88888888 Welcome to the community…as mentioned by several members already, can you please familiarise yourself with the rules of the forum on the links below. Several of your posts and threads do seem like a post for points / spam exercise which is not held in high regard by other members and can lead to a ban by the site admins. Thanks :slight_smile:



Por favor, vamos hablar Ingles! :grin:

Ich kann auch gerne eine “Deutsche Ecke” hier aufmachen.
Bringt es wohl nicht! :heart_eyes:

It’s more than polite to use the language we ALL understand!
Thank you!


Genau :joy:

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What the hell is this? I’m so confused.

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I agree with you.

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