Who has an Anker mount/dock?

Are they worth it, and what do you use them for, and how often? I’m somewhat interested. Thanks in advance

I have an Anker vent mount. I’ve used it for my phone as well as for my GPS unit.

I have the Anker Air Vent mount, it’s excellent and grip is great!

I have the magnetic suction mount, both to hold my iPhone and use as a dash camera, works well in the car but I would not recommend them for dashboards with soft vinyl, you will end up with a suction rings that can take months to go (if at all).

Mayonnaise. Works on getting rid of rings on wood furniture

I’m actually looking to get a mount for my 6P in my car. I usedthe magnetic ones but it kept falling.

Did They stop making them cause i cant find them on their website?
Aukey Make some nice ones but i would prefer Anker.

They are towards the bottom of this page.

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