Who all have gotten their Anker products that we won?!

I’ll start it off these were just delivered about 10 Minutes ago they are the Lumos A1, the Anker Soundcore Sport XL and the Powercore 20000 Quick charge. Thank you again Anker! This is a early christmas gift for myself :wink:


Got my PowerCore and SoundCore devices a few days ago. Sadly Anker can’t give me a Lumos as I’m in the UK but they are sending a LC40 torch instead and it should be here tomorrow.


I just got it like an hour ago


Should have pushed for the LC90 its closer to the price point. And a very nice flashlight! :wink:

I had the same thing, like @cava3395 mentioned you could have requested an item closer to the price point of the Lumos. I went for a SoundCore Mini, which was delivered yesterday.

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Yeah I thought of that too late. I asked for a USB cable which made up the difference. Tbh I’m more interested in the cable as the torch is a disappointment. I didn’t realise it wasn’t even USB chargeable. Doubt I’ll ever use it as I already have three torches that take AAA batteries.

It is far from a disappointment that thing is ridiculously bright I use it on a daily basis for work and it has yet to disappoint. It does burn through AAA batteries fast though so I bought some 18650s and they last a long long time for me.