Which wall charger to buy?

I need a wall charger that supports Qualcomm quick charge 2 for my phone now. It has to be micro-usb. Now I wonder how good of an idea would be to get one of QC 3.0 chargers? I assume if I get a new phone with let’s say USB-C and QC 3.0 I could just use USB to USB-C cable or not?

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As far as I know, ALL wall charger output via a usb-a socket, and the other end of your lead goes in your phone. So it doesn’t matter whether you use a usb-c or micro-usb.

As for power! Well it’s down to what you can afford, Anker does LOADS if wall charger, all fit for various purposes…

Also, will you want 1 or more outputs?

I’d say, buy the biggest bestest one you can afford… I don’t know the range well enough to just quote you a specific wall charger, plus it’s up to you.

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Are you sure about them having classic USB on one side and type C on the other?
This one looks like it has C on both ends ;
PowerPort Speed 1 USB-C Port
What I wonder with this are there any benefits of using USB-C to USB-C one compared to using USB-A to USB-C.

I need only one port so I was thinking of getting this one. It has QC 3.0 so I guess it will be alright for my future phones…
PowerPort+ 1 Port

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Powerport speed and powerport+ will both serve you well into the future. What’s your budget like?

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To sort of future proof yourself I would recommend getting This
It has 2 ports, 1 is power delivery port for USB-C and the other is standard usb port woth power iq 2.0 which charges similar to Qualcoms quick charge 2. This way you get the fastest charge whether you use usb c or regular usb cable.


I can give like 30 bucks maybe even more if it’s future proof.

Didn’t saw that one. I think I’m bought . :smiley:


If you are looking for a great 4 port charger under $30.00, I would definitely recommend the Powerport speed 4. I have had this for over a year now, and it is amazing. (Around 30 mins from 0-70% on a supported phone.) I would definitely suggest checking it out.


Yep that’s the one I would go for in your situation. Did you get it?

It’s weekend now here. I will go to the physical store that has Anker stuff this week and see if they got that one with 2 ports and take it.

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Sounds like a plan! I’ve always wanted to visit one of the Anker stores! I wonder if they get new releases before they’re up and running on Amazon…

Oh it’s not like that in my country. Unfortunately I have to really on stores that resell Anker products here. It can be a pain when trying to claim you warranty (especially if fault is hard to explain) but it works pretty good in grand scheme of things. For example if Anker offers 18 months warranty on something you get that from the store too.