Which wall charger for Powercore ll

Hi ,
I’m leaning toward buying the Powercore ll 20000, we have a trip soon and will be using GPS on my phone most of each day and I know my iPhone 6s Plus won’t last, also backup for my Hubby Samsung phone.

I’m wanting a wall charger to power-up the battery pack each night, but I don’t want it to take forever to charge itself.

Which one do you suggest?

If it were compatible for our iPads too, it would be even better.

Nice choice, I’ve been wanting to pick up one of these the 18watt Power IQ port and the 12watt port on the PowerCore II 20k will give you a lot of versatility.

The PowerCore II 20k is compatible with quick charge 3.0 so I would get one of the two charger pictured below.

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My choice would be this. You can quick charge the PowerCore with the PowerIQ 2.0 (USB-A) port and depending on what iPad you have, fast charge it with a USB-C to Lightning cable through the PD (USB-C) port.

What about the Powerport Quickcharge 3.0… maybe 1 output is all I really need. Will this wall charger still be good for the Power Core ll that doesn’t have Qualcomm technology?..and what about for our phones that are older and don’t support Qualcomm or Quickcharge…should I just continue to use the wall plugs that came with our phones or could the 1 Ankr wall plug do for all the devices we use.

I don’t want to “fry” anything on a new battery bank or older phones/iPads, but being able to charge fast is great.

@joshuad11 is right the Powerport II will cover all of your needs. Don’t worry about frying your older devices Anker includes all kinds of safety features to prevent this. Power IQ2.0 is comprable to Quick Charge 3.0 your devices will communicate with the charger and only draw as much power as they can handle. It is more expensive then the single port QC3.0 charger but you will be future proofing yourself.

Qc3.0 vs power IQ 2.0

The PowerCore II 20,000 is capable of fast recharging either from PIQ2.0 or QC3.0 and will fully recharge from 0%-100% in 5 hrs

Sure one port will work, but not as quick as several ports.
During the night you have to charge your power bank, but also your phones.
Let’s assume the PB takes 10 hours. Each phone 1 hour.
If you have to charge them one after another that will be a total of 12 hours.
If you charge them at the same time it’s 10 hours.

That one takes 6.5 hours to charge. Works with ordinary 2A wall chargers. That could be 1 with 2x2A, or 2 with 2A each. You may already have those chargers.