Which USB cable is compatible with OnePlus 5/5T?

I only saw cables compatible with OnePlus 2. Is there any cable compatible with OnePlus 5T especially Powerline line?

Any USB type c cable will work to charge your phone, personally I would go with the powerline+ model.

Really - Does the OP5 series fix the compatibility issues of previous versions? I know the 3 doesn’t work with some of Anker’s cables.

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I stand corrected, although I will say it does charge the moto z force as thats what i used to charge my coworkers phone when i was testing out the 5 port pd charger i got. Not sure what the issue was when they initially tested it but the powerline + did work for the moto z force.

My apologies to the op for misinformation

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Again, I’m not sure. OnePlus may have resolved all of the compatibility issues.

To be honest, I wouldn’t worry too much, and just get one of the cables. Worst-case scenario is you have to return it via Amazon or Anker will send you out a different one or refund the amount.

I think @nigelhealy has a 3 or 3T. Any issues of compatibility you can speak of?

OnePlus DASH is proprietary…

Hence I only used DASH charger with the supplier DASH cable.

I have used open-standard USB charger with open-standard USB cable, that is what I typically do when away from home. I tend to keep the DASH system at home.

I would never attempt the cross-match because of the proprietary nature of a 20W proprietary system. I would never connect the DASH charger to non-DASH cable and not a non-DASH charger with the DASH cable.


I am using a OnePlus 5 with several different Anker cables. Everything works just fine. For Dash Charge, you MUST use the OEM charger and OEM cable TOGETHER.

Anker cables, PowerLine and PowerLine+ work great on my phone, charging at normal speed.

What do you mean by normal speed? How much current do you get when charging using Anker cable?

I don’t precisely know the amount of current. What I meant by normal speed, is that it doesn’t use the Dash Charge technology. I don’t have any tool to measure the current right now.

You can try app called Ampere or Gsam Battery.

I have the Huawei P10 and it works with the Anker PowerLine+ and Anker PowerLine cable
very well :thumbsup:

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