Which tech company do you like excluding anker

Which tech gadget company do you like excluding anker


I’m pretty curious

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Only ME! :joy:


Google and Apple,

Google for all it’s services like Gmail and Maps

Apple for it’s iOS devices (hate the prices :wink: )

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I like a bunch, probably too many to list.

I prefer smaller tech companies that are innovating.


I like Apple and wyze :grin:. Anker is my favorite though :joy:


Apart from Anker?

I wouldn’t say I have a favourite. A couple I like: Samsung (phones); LG TVs; Apple Mac computers n laptops (anyone involved in media, it’s the best); Alienware laptops; Bose speakers, to name a few examples of ones I like.

My ideal setup at home… A bose wave radio, a banging soundbar, a decent sized TV with amazing colours, a dock for my phone, full sky package (not too bothered about sports, but certainly cinema). I’d like a decent heating timer/thermostat (maybe internet able), LEDs in all the light fittings (day light colour) with infra red and daylight traps to turn on lights.

A nice gas fire in front room, for when it’s cold but not so cold for full heating… We have a crappy electric that eats money (saved the council serving another gas device… I live in social housing).

I’d like the flat/apartment soundproofed from outside noise (esp the noisy bitch upstairs!)

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My list would be to big :joy::joy::joy:


Big ones - Apple, Google, Samsung, Logitech, Sennheiser
Little guys - Grado, Aukey, Griffin, Dynex


The ones that I can think of off the top of my head right now are Samsung Apple Logitech google amazon Sony and ravpower. But I most frequently buy from Anker or check there first unless I know there is a specific thing I want from another company

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100% Agree with your choices, and the comment as well.

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That summarizes my opinion as well. Google Maps in particular is 1 service I love more than honestly anything Google does. Love iOS but Maps are just above it

I would say Samsung, Google, Sony, LG those are the ones I can think of right right now

Now that Google Maps is market leader for Maps on smartphones (and laptops), google is integrating all its stuff it into it… Google Assistant, Reviews, and what not… ruin the app

Apple and Sonos

Too many to list but I would say SONY is my all-time favorite going back to the 1980s until now.

They’ve been non-stop producing a ton of products.

Logitech and epson. I use them all the time at work and their products are total workhorses that are priced reasonably. Same reason I like anker :slight_smile:

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Samsung :heart_eyes::sunglasses:

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  • Huawei
  • OnePlus

My phone is OnePlus6, my smaller and larger tablets are Huawei. All of these are well built, good support, good value for money.

If you get a designed-in-China product it seems to be good quality and lower cost. Apple in contrast, designed in USA and made in China, seems to be somewhat crap in comparison.

Brands I tried but fell down:

  • LG. I got the Google Nexus 4,5, 2012 7, 2013 7, Watch Urbane 2. These worked fine, aging, I repaired them to keep them going but not really bought anything recently from them for >2 years now. I still use a 2013 LG Nexus 7 so that is over 5 years old and still working good.
  • RavPower. Bought 1 item, broke quick, never bought again.
  • Choetech. They have better designers than Anker, their solar charger better designed than Anker. Their 6-port USB-C charger is better than Anker’s 5 port, but overall they don’t sell that much stuff. So let down by ambition.
  • ZeroLemon. Awful.
  • Moto. Good value but crap support.
  • Lenovo. Got one of their tablets but it got bent, not as well built as Huawei. I bent it back and will gift it to someone I know shortly.

Brand trying now:

  • Fossil. Got one of their smartwatches, only had a week too early to form a view.

Aren’t they known for bad security, and security breaches?