Which products power Nintendo Switch in docked mode?

I wish to be able to power my Switch in docked mode. That means that it is in the dock and connects via HDMI. I have Anker powercore speed 20000 PD powerbank and a Anker powerport speed PD 5 port charger and neither will let the Switch enter docked mode. Is there any Anker product that powers Nintendo Switch in docked mode?

The reason I want a powerbank and/or usb C PD charger that powers Nintendo Switch in docked mode, is that when I take it with me, I would like to be able to leave my home setup untouched as much as possible; the plugs are tucked away pretty deep. So I want another charger to take along. Preferably one that also charges my hordes of other stuff. A powerbank would be very handy in situations where there is a TV, but there are no plugs available.

I was expecting that both the powercore speed 20000PD and the powerport speed PD would power the Switch in docked mode, but they clearly don’t.

Ooo, an easy one!

A USB-C LEAD, whether you use a C to C or C to A depends on you charger.

I know this one, cos usb-c leads list the switch as one of the products it’s used for.

Unfortunately, it’s a little tricky. If I recall correctly, the Nintendo Switch requires a 15V input and 39 watts when it is docked and connected to a TV, so I don’t believe any of Anker’s current USB-C PD products will work as they max out at 30 watts (although, Anker’s chargers should work for “undocked” mode and for recharging your Switch’s battery quickly).

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Hi @Michiel_nospam,

Thanks for contacting us to let us know your concern. Sorry for the delayed response.

Unfortunately, we regret to inform you that none of our PD Powerbanks or PD USB-C wall chargers can charge the Nintendo Switch in the docked mode. Only the original OEM wall adapter came with the Switch can charge it in dock mode as far as we know.

We will fill your suggestion to our team for evaluation and hopefully there will be an upgraded version to get it resolved.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused and thanks for your understanding.