Which products do you wish Anker produce?

So I got lost in my head working and, when I came back to me, my eyes were on my GoPro Hero5 Session. And it got me thinking: what if Anker produced action cameras?

Anker was born as a battery company, but it is so much more than that today. Which products could benefit from the Anker business model of quality affordable products sold direct to consumers through Amazon? And, of course, by Anker I mean all the brands associated with it.

Action cameras is my first choice. Smartphones come to mind, also. Digitizer tablets - such as Wacom Intuos - severely need more quality choices even if it’s a niche product, and Anker could certainly nail that.

Well, let’s give our friends at Anker some ideas here. I would propose a go nuts rule: everything goes, as long as it’s in the realm of reality. No point asking Anker to start manufacturing flying cars or teleportation devices. Yet.

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Hi @tiagomota , there is currently a wish list thread with a vast number of posts. Your ideas might get better viewing here;

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