Which product do I need?

Hi Folk,

I am disabled by not being able to speak, so I use a type to speech device, The battery life isn’t very long so I require back up power.

Could someone advise which Portable Charger I require to achieve this rating shown on my device plug.

PRI 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
SEC 9V-800mA 7.2VA

I have no idea what those letters/numbers mean

Thank you
Phil Dye

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9V, implies it is a proprietary non-USB type which Anker don’t make.

Is it USB? I am guessing it is a round shaped input, not the rectangular type options below?

Do any of the ports anywhere look like any of these?

Some photos might help.


“Pri” as in Primary winding/Input. Its the Mains voltage of your home and then converts it to 9 volts which is the voltage your machine uses. You didn’t specify the type of voltage for the 9V…does it have a “~” symbol? or a line with dots under it.

There are 9v power banks out there but Anker doesn’t manufacture them. There are also USB step up converters that output to a coaxial power connector. But without much information of the exact model of your device I wouldn’t know which type of connector you need (most likely coaxial type…then there’s the issue of what size, since they vary)

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Hi nigelheally
Thank you for your reply.
It is a round input, I have got an adaptor from USB to the round socket, so should be able to use that to connect to the Anker Product.
Thank you
Phil Dye

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Hi Helix
Thank you for your reply.

The 9V has the line with dots under it, followed by 800mA 7.2VA
The input to my device is round and I have an adaptor from it to USB, so could use an Anker Product

Thank you
Phil Dye

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Tell us more about the USB to ,9V adapter

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There’s nothing special about it, just a cable one end circular fitting the device the end USB

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Well can’t be true. Something you told us is not valid.

USB is 5V and yet your round end is 9V. Hence there would have to be a buck-boost inside which is physically bigger than just a voltage drop. Hence either it is more than just a simple cable, or there’s more information on a label somewhere.

Anyhow, what I can infer is the Wattage is very low but not so low it intersects all Anker products, so I can eliminate some less likely to be a good match. 9V-800ma is 7.2W so assuming 5W and say 20% power loss = 1.8A

Hence any of these will power you USB “simple adapter” to the round pin.

Powercore 5000
Powercore Slim 5000
Powercore 10000 as these are all at least 2A output
and then everything else higher in cost.

Less likely to be a good fit would be:
Powercore Mini
Powercore+ Mini as these are 1A output.

We must then to narrow the recommendation must work out how big an Anker powerbank you need. To do that can you let us know

  • is there any more you can tell us like mah, Wh?
  • how long does it take to recharge your device?
  • how warm does it get when recharging?
  • how long does your device last on a charge?
  • how long would you like it to last?

From this I can guess within an accuracy of factor of 2.

Also, if you know make/model GIYF (we can search for information).

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Does the transformer have a USB port? or its own coaxial connector aside from your USB to Coax adapter?
Do you charge your speech device with the USB or the power adapter?

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My speech device is a ‘Toby Churchill Lightwriter’. It only has a coaxial power input.
At the moment my only way of charging is with its original wall socket charger supplied with the device.

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Regarding the cable, I can assure you there is nothing on the cable, no labels, no writing just a straight cable one end round other end USB, I would have said if there was something on it.

I have another Anker product, it says on it. Capacity 15000mAh which gives an output of DC5V/1A & DC5V/2A
I have tried using this to charge my device but it doesn’t work

The device takes about 6 hours to charge, it doesn’t get warm and how long it lasts can be as little as 4 to 5 hours.
As for your other questions, I have no idea what they mean.

The device is a ‘Toby Churchill Lightwriter’ if that helps

Thank you

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So that USB cable, where do you plug it in? You tried it between the Anker 15000mah product and does not work? Did you press the Anker product power button to active it after pluggin in the USB cable?

Is this the product?



Note what it says:

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The only possible solution to the way you want to do it, is by obtaining a “step up voltage converter”…making sure it’s rated for at least 2A. Qualcomm Quick Charge technically can operate at 9v ~1.6A but I don’t know how you can make it specifically output that voltage. So your best bet is on a step up converter… which you can get and use at your own risk. Just making sure that the size of the coax end is the same as for your device.

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I plugged into the 2A USB socket in the Anker 15000mah and pressed the power button, it came on briefly then went off.
The second SL40 is the one I have.
In view of the ‘Charging notes’ I think I should email Toby Churchill technical and ask for more advice. I had been told by one of there Agents that I could use an external power source
Thank you

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I am going to seek some advice from ‘Toby Churchill’ technical to see if I can use your suggestion I had been told I could use an external power source
Thank you

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I’d say given your USB cable is just a cable, and given the 9V input, I think it is not actually following USB, it just a USB shaped plug. That is consistent with your existing Anker 15000 not working.

Yes, contacting the manufacturer will help. A USB 5V to 9V converter may help, then you can use almost any Anker USB portable power. There are also non-Anker portable power products which output 9V, but at significantly more expense.

Yeah that’s the lightest solution… another is carrying a 12v battery with a step down converter (car adapter that outputs 9v) Or TC probably has their own proprietary solutions.

Also as Nigel said and as I’ve said before, there are non-Anker power banks capable of outputting 9v all in one unit.

Hope you find something that works for you.

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Hi, You asked earlier about how long the battery lasted, over Easter was a lot of chatting and within 4 hours the warning light was on, so I thought the backup power source would need to be either the Anker Power Core+ 26800 or the Anker E7 26800.
What do you think?
Thank you

Given the nature of what the device is doing, I doubt it needs much power, so a 26800 would be way ample enough.

Your biggest problem is you need a 9V output and nothing from Anker does that.

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I have sourced a 5V to 9V step up converter, so that point has now been resolved,
I would like to thank you for taking the time to help, it really is appreciated.
Take care
and thanks again

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