Which PowerCore to get?

Previously I had the PowerCore 26800 but it charged slow and I need something that can give me a good boost within 30min. After some research, I was set on two target:

PowerCore II 20000 and PowerCore Speed 20000 with QC3.0

they both have pros and cons
I just want to hear a third opinion before I make the decision, thanks

PS: Im thinking to upgrade to note 7R, so will QC be useful on note 7R as well? Caz I cant find the phone on the QC list, just wondering

3rd opinion is to wait for the Power core II 10000 as smaller. I think it is QC from its specs. Due soon. Anker often launches with a discount code.


Seconded @nigelhealy

Thirded @nigelhealy PowerCore II 10000 is the highest rated of all

The Note 7R, will likely not support any version of Qualcomm Quick Charge; The Note 7 that was sold in the US, used a Snapdragon 820 CPU which supported QC 3.0. The refurbished Note 7R, as it is only being sold in Korea, as of yet, uses an in-house Samsung CPU with Fast Adaptive Charging, which is similar to QC2.0, but is not supported by QC chargers.

In this regard, PowerIQ and VoltageBoost, would be likely your best features for your next power bank. As others stated, I would wait to see how the PowerCore II 10000 turns out. I’m curious to know who is supplying the batteries to Anker and where they are sourced/manufactured.

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Stay tuned for PowerCore II 10000, we will launch new product campaign in May!:sunglasses:

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Any word on other products being launched alongside the PowerCore II 10000?

i recall from months ago around the same time as the Powercore II 10000 in May is 30W and 60W USB-PD chargers. I see the 30W seems now shipping, so there’s the 60W to be announced.

The sort of thing I’d be looking for is of the order of 72W Powerport5 with say 2 USB-C and 3 Type2 ports and it can give 60W to one USB-C or 30W each to two USB-C or 15W each to two USB-C and 12W each to the other 3 ports. The reason is most of the bulk of the charger is driven by total wattage, so you’d want that bulk to be used as much as possible. I’d want such a 72W to be the same size ideally as the present 40W but I suspect it would be the size of the 60W.

Multiports reduce total bulk of charging and cables, and the more ports you use the less likely all devices need full power.

In the works announced but not yet shipping are the colored blue and red versions of Powercore 10000

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Yes that would be very nice. I’d also like to see USB C to Lightning cables in PowerLine Dura fashion. And maybe those new speakers too?

I’d also like to see some kind of organized charging station. Mine is a mess.

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That’s tidy.

I’d not cause offense by posting my spaghetti junction online.

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