Which PowerCore do you have?

Which PowerCore do you have? I always have my PowerCore 20100 with me.

PowerCore+ 26800 & PowerPort+ 1 Quick Charge Its everything it says it is.

  1. Works just as if it was plugged directly into the wall.

the powercore 5000

love the small size and the 2A in/out

Powercore 5000

+mini is what im rocking. i hate how you can’t have comments less than 10 characters, it kinda sucks especially when there is no need for it to be longer than so

I’m 376% 4sure that this will all improve over time, though.

PowerCore 10000 and it gets used quite a bit too I love it. I want the new one with quick charge.

I would like to have the new one with Quick Charge as well.

Here are the PowerCore’s I have. I love them all…

PowerCore Mini 3200 Portable Charger
PowerCore Slim 5000 Portable Charger
PowerCore 5000 Portable Charger
PowerCore+10050 with Quick Charge 3.0
PowerCore 20100 - Ultra High Capacity Power Bank

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Powercore 20100

powercore 26800

I have the PowerCore 5000, and I wish I had another one for my older brother’s birthday.

I have the PowerCore 20100 :heart_eyes:


PowerCore Speed 20000 and PowerCore+ mini.

I have the PowerCore 10000 & the PowerCore 20100!