Which Powerbank and Wall Charger for a GoPro Hero 5 Power Delivery - Fastload

i know that every power bank can charge the Hero 5 . It uses Power Delivery over USB-C , which is significant faster, when you load the cam / batteries with their products.

I planing to buy a huge capacity powerbank for this with a fast charger, best option would be to have a charger, that can charge a Powerbank and the Gopro ( or eg. a Macbook Pro) over PD with full speed and at the same time, as well (but thats not most important).

I really got lost in finding such a product, and my number 1 option is removed from this website.

@anker : I need to buy in Germany, there is this version, WITHOUT the charge, still available.

Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD

( I cannot recognize the type of charger in the photo… )

Which charger should i use ?
Does this powerbank allow to QUICK CHARGE (well it seems to be another standard, but… does it allow to charge the hero5 as fast as the GoPro charger ?)

German amazon links:

Whats faster to charge the 26800 powerbank,



Most important: Which Powerbank fast-charges a GoPro Hero 5 via Power Delivery ?

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PS: I have some background from gtrusted, e.g. https://gtrusted.com/review/how-the-gopro-supercharger-uses-usb-power-delivery-over-usb-type-c-to-charge-the-gopro-hero5-black , which show that 5.5 volts and > 1.1 amps (1.3 to 1.5 amps) are provided when using the gopro super charger.

Hi Andre Gellert,

Thank you for letting us know your concern.

Please kindly be noted that the Anker PowerCore + 26800 PD is able to offer 27W PD output. And the GoPro SuperCharger is claimed to be able to offer 27W PD output as well and it charges your GoPro Hero 5 faster. Thus in theory, our PowerCore + 26800 PD battery should be able to charge your GoPro Hero 5 as fast as GoPro Supercharger. But we have not tested to prove it.

If you are willing to proceed with the purchase please notice that we always provide 18 month
warranty for all our products and in case you will face some problems such as incompatibility with
your device, we will arrange a return and full refund for you then. Since you are in Germany, below listing would be helpful for your purchase:

As for the two Anker chargers you mentioned, we regret to say that they are not able to charge the PowerCore + 26800 PD battery at max speed. We do not have one suitable charger in German market currently. In theory, the Go Pro Supercharger should be able to recharge the Anker PowerCore + 26800 PD as well. You may give it a try:


Hope this helps. Please feel free to reply if there is further concerns.


Thank you @AnkerSupport so much, wel, I am travelling to the states,
so : has the item :
a charger i can use with 230 volt as well ?

Thanks again,

Anker is also coming out with a 60W USB-C PD charger soon… Not that it would charge the Hero5 faster, but say you have a laptop that charges via PD or something else of the sort.

Okay, i ordered the GoPro Lader just some minutes ago, so i have at least a powerful charger now.
Can i order just the Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD on amazon.com , without a chargers, @AnkerSupport ?