Which Power Core 2 buy?

Getting serious… want a Power Core, not the fastest, want the best one Anker makes 4 ALL Androids, which is it?

If charging speed doesn’t matter, really any of the PowerCores will charge virtually any Android phone.

This 10000mAh PowerCore is one of the more popular ones and is a good all-around charger: https://www.amazon.com/Anker-Ultra-Compact-High-Speed-VoltageBoost-Technology/dp/B07QXV6N1B/


Thanks 4 your response @TechnicallyWell…had my eye on that baby as first contender and want 2 make an accurate decision. Going back 2 studyhall today. Never 2 old 4 school.

I’d suggest this

There’s a few variations of probably the one get exactly is

It’s not significantly much more cost than the 10W version but the output is double the Wattage, or you can charge two things at once (say headphones and buds), and recharges faster.

You’d pair with a Nano charger for low cost compact system.

Most Android are Type C now, but you can also do MicroB for legacy.

For some Android which support Power Delivery it’s faster.

The price of what I link to is very high at the moment relative to the one Ryan linked to, as it’s not on sale, it has been $25 in the past.

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You can’t go wrong with the ones suggested here :+1:

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Thanks @professor just want the best, studied this morn…so many options. Will keep info, along with Ryan’s.

Paying attention 2 all. TY @ikari04warrior

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My PowerCore slim 10000 PD (in hot purple) is a done deal. Thanks @professor

Sorry, not only spell bad, guess I’m color blind 2! UGH…its blue not purple. (will blame old age)