Which Power bank should i get for my Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

Right now im trying to decide which power bank is better? The Anker PowerCore Speed 20000 mAh or the Powercore+ 20100 mAh? Do they both offer the same technology and charging times?

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in my opinion, the Powercore+ 20100 mAh would be better, because it has USB-C output. Although this isn’t PD charging, it would still be convenient for you, because you have the Note 8

Personally I would get This because it has power IQ 2.0 which charges at 18w which is slightly better power output compared to USB-C

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I agree. The PowerCore II or other Anker power bank with PowerIQ 2.0.

PowerIQ 2.0 will fast charge the Samsung Note 8, as it works with its Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging tech. If you use a USB-C or USB-C PD power bank it will charge at normal rates, but it won’t fast charge. Samsung phones don’t support Power Delivery. The difference is around 16W vs 10W. You’ll see the most difference if you charge your phone while it is below 50%. If you usually top off your phone then fast charging doesn’t kick in and it doesn’t matter.

Haven’t we had THIS VERY topic discussed before?

As @Anjou1888 mentioned I would suggest the Powercore+ 20100 mAh. I have one of these for my Note 8 and I like the PD for charging my devices plus I can still charge my micro-USB devices as well.