Which Power bank should I buy?

Hi,I have a Mi Note 10 lite phone
it supports Mi Turbo charging (30 WATT)
I want to buy an Anker power bank but I see lots of features and I’m not sur ife they work for my phone… like Quick Charging and Power Delivery / which make the power bank more expensive
I looked in Quick Charging compatible devices and didn’t find the Mi Note 10 lite, but it’s an old list so I’m not sure…
So should I buy a one that have these futures (would they be faster anyway)? or it won’t have any difference with my phone than normal IQ charging?

So it’s USBC, no mention of any protocols so I’d assume it would only accept 5V 2A 10W.

The typical life of an Anker powerbank is longer than the typical life of a phone, so suggest getting something which has some more power than you can use now.

I’d suggest


It will recharge with


Thank you, I got a Powercore II as recommended from Anker support team.

I don’t think any powercore supports the Turbo charging (30 watt) but they will still charge your phone, just at a slower speed. So just get whichever powercore you like :+1:

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