Which power bank is capable of charging a Macbook pro 2017?


I would like to buy a power bank that is capable of charging a Macbook pro 2017 (no touch bar)

Thanks for your help!

Hi @etiennefdayer, Anker’s recently released PowerCore III Elite 25600 60W is the best portable charger for your 2017 MacBook Pro… Hope this helps!

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Hi, great. Is it only available in the US ?

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It should be available in other locations soon.

@insider is correct in so far it is the fastest charger, but it was not your question, what is capable.

Caveat: I do not own your MBP, I am just using public information, so before purchase put more effort in on research it will actually work, do not treat my words as proven facts. If any say I am I wrong I’ll edit to correct.

A MBP will charge from 18W upwards to 60W.

There is a cost / size / performance trade-off.

A MBP has a typical battery life of 9 hours and a battery of 54.5Wh, so it is consuming on average about 6W. To get 6W in past the electronics in the MBP needs at least 9W. So if you push 18W, about 12W-15W gets in, and so on average, 18W powerbank will slowly recharge you MBP. A 30W faster, 45W even faster, 60W even faster. And how busy you use the MBP too alters for an 18W to slow discharge, 30W less slow discharge.

So there is a trade-off, when you factor cost.

So all that you get when you use a faster charger is just that, faster charging, but a slower one is still capable of charging it or slow the discharging is you look at lower cost.

A Powerbank is with you, so you could consider connecting a 18W, 27W, or a 45W earlier and accept a slower recharge in return for a lower cost.

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My wife has a Macbook Air 2020. Apple says that it requires a minimum 30W charger. Their verbiage is “If you use a power adapter that is lower in wattage than the adapter that came with your Mac, it won’t provide enough power to your computer.”

But guess what? I can charge it at 18W using the PowerCore Essential 20000 PD that @professor linked above. In the last ~15 minutes, the Air went from 37% to 42%. I got the screen on max brightness but not actively using the computer. Also, if we’re streaming HD video, then the battery doesn’t seem to go up at all, but at least it does not drop.

I’m gonna take this thread slightly off-topic. :laughing: I recently purchased an open box Pixelbook Go for $400. It’s a fantastic machine. Great battery life. Reviews say between 9.5 and 15.75 hours; Google says up to 12 hours. I use it on max brightness, and I get about 6 hours. The Pixelbook Go owners say that the screen brightness is the #1 battery drain, and that reducing it to 70% will drastically improve battery life (aka get me to the 10-12 hour territory). I use the same battery that I mentioned earlier to charge this thing to more than double the awesome battery life.

If this sounds like an ad for the PowerCore Essential 20000 PD, it’s not. Or maybe it is.

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There is an defensive approach. When embarking on a planned long time away from wall socket, just plug in the lower cost Powercore, to halt or slow the laptop discharge. As the 20000 PD has a recharge time of less time than the discharge time of the laptop, you have a method of both lowest cost and workable way to keep unplugged.

I do not see the need for a 60W Powercore. Yet.

Thanks a lot for your detailed answers !

Meanwhile, the new power bank has already dropped to $99 it seems (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08537MKBS/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=sl1&tag=ankerinsider-20&linkId=ad49da90f2a54c43d705b3949bec91dd&language=en_US)

Yeah, but also the 20000 is down to $32: