Which one should I get for macbook pro 13?

Thank you guys, any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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Which one what? What is it your looking for exactly? Is it speakers, headphones, batterypack? Or are you looking for a dock?

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I’m not an expert but probably any one that has type c maybe PowerCore+ 20100 & PowerPort+ 1 Wall Charger like i said not an expert or person with good advice

At the moment, the best for you is going to be the PowerCore+ 26800 PD. It will have the most success charging your MacBook Pro.


For an external battery, you want to go with a PD (power delivery) battery. Like the one @joshuad11 posted above. That will provide the MacBook with 30W of power. For reference, the USB-C charger that comes with the MacBook is a 61W, so it will be a little slower charging at 30W.

My friend has the MacBook Pro 13-inch with Touch Bar. Sometimes she forgets her charging cable when she comes over to study, so she borrows my 50W Dell USB-C charger, and it charges just fine. We tried charging her MacBook with my Dell portable battery (5V@2.1A = 10.5W), and that also charged her MacBook, but it was super slow. So if you used an Anker battery that outputs 2.4A (5V@2.4A = 12W), then that should work as well. I often use that Dell external battery to charge my Dell Inspiron 15 using this method.

Side note: I love my Anker PowerCore 26800 battery. It is not the PD version, but it’s half the price. Not ideal for MacBooks.