Which is better for wired doorbell home? Eufy 2K battery doorbell vs 2K wired doorbell

I would like to hear some pros and cons in getting the Eufy Wired 2K doorbell vs the 2K battery powered one. I will be wiring no matter which I get as both benefit for being wired (the battery one for never have to recharge the batteries). So I mainly asking the question to find out from people who used both what software features one has that are better than the other. Like video, fast notifications, field of view, etc…
So thanks in advance for your input.

i would not go for the battery one, the battery only appears to last a week or so… with any reasonable movement settings.

Im not a fan of the wired one as it only has 4gb ram and its on the bell itself (easy to pinch)

Actually the Eufy battery doorbell can be wired to your current doorbell and you will never have to charge it (that is how I have mine) plus it will chime on your regular mechanical doorbell in addition to the homebase. But my question was not about the hardware but about the software. The Eufy battery version actually has the better hardware with a Sony camera chip and lense (have no idea what the wired one has but I haven’t seen the Sony camera chip listed). Plus the wired one can not use your mechanical chime like the battery one, even though it depends on being hooked to it. In addition, until they make the wired one Homebase compatible, all your clips and motion events are stored on the actual wired doorbell. So if someone steals it, they also take the footage with them. That is not the case with the battery one as all the footage is stored separately inside your home in the 16Gb Homebase.
But as I said the question was not about hardware but software.
Things that I know: The wired one has a 3sec pre-recording which the battery one does not have. However with motion detection (not human) that 3sec pre-recording “almost” becomes moot.
Also my understanding is that the wired one, because it is always externally powered, can do continuous recording (and that is how it can do a 3-sec pre-recording before the actual motion event).
I also know from reviews that the wired one has 5 degrees more wide vision than the battery one. Also because the wired one is true Wifi doorbell (versus Homebase for the battery one), in theory, it should be faster both pulling up the live and recorded clips on the app and on Google Hub/Alexa. But since I never used the wired one I don’t know for sure.
So I was looking for people that used them both to tell us what other software features they have on their wired doorbell that they did not have on their battery one.

Ah I get it thanks…

Alas I have the battery one and am struggling to get it wired. My current setup worked fine for Ring, but doesn’t appear to be working for EUFY. Ive just tested a new transformer and Im getting 1% / hour charge, not good enough…

I do agree, overall the battery one looks better… but I dont think it will ever have the 247 recording the wired one (only in the US BTW) will have.