Which Eufy robovac do you recommend for high-pile carpet?

Hello experts / Eufy,

Which Eufy robovac is best for high-pile carpets?

I purchased G10 Hybrid end-Dec 2019 and is an extremely happy user.

All friends who watched it working were extremely impressed and many of them bought the product too.

At that time, I was in a house with laminated floor, but recently moved to a new home with more high-pile carpet area.

G10 hybrid, while still works efficiently on laminated floor, is not the right robovac for high-pile carpets.

It moves slow, does not pick up dust and other items from the carpet.

Eagerly looking for your recommendation to repeat the success story in high-pile carpets as well.

Thank you in advance!

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Hey @Shaji.narayanan
Unless I’m mistaken I don’t think there is a Eufy Robovac for thick pile carpets.
I think it’s more to do with the fact they’re self propelled (rather than a person pushing it like a normal vacuum) is what make it difficult.

Thank you @paulstevenewing for your quick response.

While I agree with your comments, in this age of robo-mowers cutting lawn, I presume it’s time for Eufy to invent its latest avatar for high-pile carpets?


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You opened more than one thread.
The more you open the more it gets redundant…

Hi Shaji
Yes understand, maybe the wheels need more torque and the brush mechanisms need to be re engineered to withstand the added resistance of a deeper pile carpet.
They wouldn’t have to do it for the whole range, maybe just a mid spec Robovac designed for deeper piles.

Maybe register your idea with Eufy at support@eufylife.com
The more people who ask for a different kind/revision of a product the more they are likely to listen :+1:t2:

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Yes, I have done that.

Not sure how to close this current tread.

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You dont need to close it.