Which Dual Charger to go with for PowerCore 26800?

AM interested in this Anker:

Id really like to see 6.5 Re-Charging speeds, but cant buy two chargers, is there any Dual Output charger that can charge the Anker in 6.5 Hours, or I Must use two separate chargers ??



PowerPort II would be perfect for that!



The II would be perfect for just the PowerCore… but if you’re looking at buying a multi-port charger, why limit yourself to 2 outputs (that the PowerCore would consume when charging) - other than at least a $17 add for twice as many outputs? You could opt for an extra couple ports to get an all-encompassing, cover all your devices (I’m thinking at least PC 26800 and a phone, but also perhaps something else).
If you want to go the route of 4 outputs:

PowerPort 4

PowerPort Speed 4

PowerPort Atom PD 4

The PD outputs on this would be the most ideal for ensuring maximum output/speed.

I can confirm

I personally use the PowerPort 4 ad I asked the same question to the community and therr is no henifet to the Powerport Speed 4.

The benefit would be if you own another device which utilizes Qualcomm Quick Charge…

I am along time Anker user and use the PowerCore 20100 and several PowerPort 2’s with PowerIQ and a PowerPort 4 with PowerIQ.

You do not need to use two separate chargers to recharge. Since the PowerCore 26800 has dual input ports with a max input of 4A, I would recommend the PowerPort 4 with PowerIQ but honestly any of the 2 or 4 port PowerPort’s with PowerIQ would work just fine and get you recharge time of little more than 6 hours.


Thanks for your replies guys, but am planning to purchase one locally not online, so i might be restricted to only few options at the shop, from what i read that Anker doesnt have PD nor IQ technology, its just a normal power bank with 2x Inputs to speed up charging (correct me if am wrong…) it requires 4 AMP *total @ 5v to get 6 Hours recharging,

Say id like to recharge BOTH power banks, can i use Any charger with 4x Outputs 5v @ 8 AMP total ?? does that translate to the same charging speed ?..

side question, AMP * Volt = 4 * 5 = 20…
Does each Powerbank charge at maximum speed of 20 Watts ??..


Go Big! with PD always the best choice

Yes, that is correct.