Which charger to use for charging a PowerCore+ Mini?


I am totally new to the Anker brand. Just ordered my first products from Anker through Amazon.co.uk and I must say that I am very impressed by both the products and packaging (thumbs up icon here)!

I do have a question:

  • With what charger do I charge my brand new PowerCore+ Mini? I was starting to charge it (because apparently it is not charged on arrival) with my charger for my iPad 4th generation, but then I stopped, because I was wondering if this charger is okay to use with my new Anker product?
  • What specifications should a charger have for it to fit charging an PowerCore+ Mini?

Can somebody shine a light on this? In the little manual that comes with the Anker product it says for the fastest and safest charge one should use an Anker charger. It doesn’t explain what other chargers (specification-wise) one can use. What if I want to use my Apple charger?

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[edit] : here is a pic of my iPad 4th gen charger:

here is a pic of my iPhone 6s charger:

Yes, of course you can use it. It’s in fact one of the highest wattage chargers that Apple makes at 12 watts. Your recharge time would be less than if you were using Apple’s 5 watt or 10 watt chargers (the 10 watt is no longer sold, at least here in the US).

Thanks SZak2015,

(I updated my first posting at the same time with a pic of my iphone 6s charger)

I don’t know anything about charging, so watts and volts and amperes are a mystery to me ;-). So I had no clue, so I wondered if I could potentially harm the battery inside the PowerCore+ mini if I would use a charger that has not the ‘right’ specifications.

Your first picture is Apple’s 12 watt / 2.4 amp charger (output of 5.2 volts multiplied by 2.4 amps = ~12 (watts))

Your second picture is Apple’s 5 watt / 1 amp charger (output of 5 volts multiplied by 1 amp = ~5 (watts))

Either charger will charge your PowerCore+ mini just fine. The charge time should be 3-4 hours (according to Anker) using a 1 amp / 5 watt charger.

The 12 watt charger will complete the task quicker though so you may want to use that instead. Either charger is perfectly safe to use.

Hi @Grover_anker,

As @SZak2015 noted (thanks!), you should be fine to use either charger with the PowerCore+ Mini. The main thing you want to look for and match up is the voltage (in this case, 5V). The PowerCore+ Mini accepts a 5V input and is designed to only pull in 1 amp. Although the iPad charger can supply 2.4 amps, it will only be providing 1 amp since the PowerCore+ Mini won’t “ask” for more than that. Since the Mini only pulls in 1 amp (the same that the iPhone charger provides), the iPad charger won’t provide a noticeably faster charge.

SZak2015 thank you for your help and TechnicallyWell for clarifying further. Much appreciated… nice to learn new things thanks to this community. I am really impressed by the quality of Anker… products, packaging, this community. Great.