Which charger and cable I should buy for 12v output?

Hello, recently I just bought a second hand router, and it’s missing an USB-C adapter which rated at 12v and 1.2a.

At first I try it using my regular phone charging cable and my charger which has 12v and 1.5a output with no luck, the thing just won’t boot up, and then during my frustation I found out that my cable is only rated for 5v usage 9v only I try to do some research about type of cable for charger and I found out most company didn’t rate their usb cable voltage at all. Even anker powerline didn’t have any voltage rate.

So I need help to decide which charger and cable should I use to get the 12v output to my router. Any help will be appreciated.

Have you tried a normal power adaptor?

Most of the power delivery bricks do 30+ watts, but not sure about 12v and cable rating apart from USBC 3.1 is the highest rated lead.

What’s the make n modelmof the router… Is it a WiFi router?

Is USBC the only power input?

Hmm :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I am using this router, https://www.tp-link.com/id/home-networking/deco/deco-m5/ my version is the one with USB C input, not the round one.

and the cable I am using is the one I got from samsung phone, and some generic one I got from my wireless charging from other brand, then there is this other one http://www.baseus.com/product-265?lang=en-us which according to the site the highest output only rated at 9v

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I’ve looked on the router page, and clicking MENU … top right … You can go to community

I see on the last photo, it talks about chargers etc … Maybe they can help better, as they know the product.

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