Which cable to purchase for 2nd Gen Astro E5?

Hoping someone can advise.

I purchased this power bank a few years ago (and am very happy with it). However, I’m preparing for an upcoming trip in January, but I can’t find the cable anywhere. Can anyone tell me which Anker cable to order, or advise regarding a compatible third-party cable?

Originally I used the power bank with my iPhone 6. I how have an iPhone 8plus; I presume the cable will still be a fit?

Thank you.


Cables did not change between those models so you should be fine with what you have. If you are updating cables (wanting to buy new ones) then a USB-A to lightning is what you are looking for.

USB Powerline Lightnings are great

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Thank you for your response. :slight_smile: Yes, I’ll need to buy a new cable, as I’ve lost the original one.

Thanks for the link as well. I’ll see whether I can order the product - or a shorter version thereof - here in the Netherlands.

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